Trek and Mountain magazine gives Hillsound Trail Crampons the thumbs up

May 06, 2013

Trek and Mountain magazine have tried and tested our Hillsound Trail Crampons and the verdict is very positive.  The reviewer pointed out that this product is towards the "sophisticated" end of the market for lightweight crampon alternatives. The superior grip offered by the 10 carbon-steel spikes was also highlighted, with the article stating that Hillsound's "offer a lot more grip than others [products] that are in effect little more than chains". The Hillsound Trail Crampons stand apart from the competitors in the fact that they feature an ergonomic carbon steel plate, which means that the weight is dispersed more effectively over the spikes. As a result, the product offers greater stability and resistance to wear and tear. For more information on the Hillsound Trail Crampons, check out our product information. To find out where you can purchase a set of our Trail Crampons, check out our dealer information. To read the entirety of the Trek and Mountain review, follow this link. treknmountain

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