Hillsound® is the result of a small team of outdoor enthusiasts collaborating to create the hiking accessories customers dream of. Years of talking to our local clientele uncovered the need for a high-quality yet accessible foot traction device; an affordable product that would enable hikers and trail runners to move with ease in winter conditions. Design, test, adjust, design test, adjust…Finally the Trail Crampon and Trail Crampon Pro were born. Initial stocks were sold out within weeks. It was clear that our ergonomic plate system was a winner. It was then that we decided to put these innovative products through the ultimate endurance test, the Himalayan Mountains. A small group of Sherpa tested both the Trail Crampon and Trail Crampon PRO around base camp and the lower mountain trails near their home. After six months of testing, they returned a resoundingly positive verdict to Hillsound®. Not only did our crampons provide excellent traction in the snow and ice, but they were easy to get on and off, an important quality for a community that live and work in the mountains. In 2012, we decided to branch out from the traction device category and create a revolutionary hiking gaiter, utilising cutting edge technology. In order to withstand crampon spikes and harsh alpine environments, our gaiters needed to be extremely tough, much like the outer shell of an Armadillo. As a testament to these tough animals we launched our Armadillo gaiter range. Durable, waterproof and unbelievably comfortable, these gaiters have received excellent reviews from the press and are a must for backpacking and weekend hiking.