Forged for Alpinism

We take as much pride in our partners as we do in our products. We are fortunate to work with many companies that share the same values for innovation as we do. Any good product starts with the materials, and our partners create a strong foundation that allows us to develop the best products for our customers. 

YKK® water-resistant zipper makes getting gaiters on and off a breeze, and prevents debris and moisture from entering the gaiter.

A waterproof, breathable fabric with a 2-way stretch that creates a flexible, comfortable fit.

Superfabric™ provides a formidable barrier against cuts, abrasions, and punctures. Tiny raised plates prevent sharp objects from tearing the base fabric. Gaps between the plates allow breathability and flexibility.

Here are the Benefits of Superfabric™

Durable + Slash Resistant
Quick Drying
Stain Resistant

    nanotech-based finish from Schoeller that mimics the natural self-cleaning properties of plants enables dirt and water to simply run off the surface of the material. Water droplets or particles of dirt lie only on the peaks of the nano particles and therefore have a lower contact area. Adhesion is significantly reduced - water runs off, dirt is repelled or can simply be rinsed off. 

    Benefits of NanoSphere®

    • High level of water resistance
    • Naturally self-cleaning
    • Less frequent washing required
    • Abrasion resistant 


    The membrane in the Schoeller c_change™ adjusts to body moisture levels to allow breathability or heat retention, meaning you stay warm or cool in changing conditions. The membrane technology mimics the properties of the pine cone. 


    When the weather is HOT

  • In Nature: Pine cone opens
  • In the membrane:polymer structure opens + becomes permeable for water vapour
  • Excess body heat + moisture escape to outside air

    • When the weather is COLD

    • In Nature: Pine cone closes
    • In the membrane: polymer structure contracts and insulates 
    • Heat retention and breathability create pleasant body climate